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What is Disruptive Design 2 : Mainstream Magnificence?

Disruptive Design 2 : Mainstream Magnificence is an amazing collection of “self-drawing”
video assets animations that gives you the power to create a hybrid combination of
whiteboard and traditional animation styles in a revolutionary new way.

Check out some of the Self Drawing animations inside the Disruptive Designs 2 Package:

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SuperGoodProduct Exclusive Bonus

BIG Stock Photos Package

Included With White Label Rights

The Big Stock Photos Package is a brand new 2018 released stock photos collection boosting more than 10,000 high resolution images in more than 60 different categories. These images are also categorized making it easy for you to browse through them, oh and you even get white label rights to them so you are free to resell and profit 100% from them!

SuperGoodProduct  Additional Bonus

High Quality Animated Female Superhero in 10 Poses!

This collection is provided in SWF, MOV, GIF and PNG formats for maximum versatility! Here are the 10 versatile poses: Jump Up, Jump Down, Wave, Confused/Frustrated, Arms Crossed, Hands On Hips, Has Idea, Points Left, On Cell, Phone and Thumbs Up.

Important, How to Guarantee that you will receive our Bonuses?

When you reach the checkout page you will need to see the ID 5e2ce7f2 as the referral ID. If you do not see this ID number then you are not buying though our link and the bonuses will not be available to you. If this is the case please clear your cookie or use another browser and purchase through our link again until you see the ID 5e2ce7f2 on the checkout page.

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