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What is AdSight Pro?

Ad Sight Pro is a brand new software that instantly uncover audiences and hidden data for cheaper
clicks and more profit from your Facebook advertising campaigns.

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Sweet Exclusive Bonuses from the team at!

SuperGoodProduct Exclusive Bonus

Facebook Groups Unleashed Pack

Included With Master Resell Rights

Discover How To Start, Launch and Grow Your Own Thriving Facebook Group For Your Business!Facebook Groups Can Completely Change the Way Your Followers See Your Brand – And Most Businesses Ignore Them! Introducing Facebook Groups Unleashed Pack. Here’s what else you’ll discover in this guide:
– Learn to create a Facebook group by following step-by-step instructions that ANYONE can follow and understand
– Avoid common mistakes by choosing the right settings, description, photo, and more
– Discover how to create a private, exclusive community that will MASSIVELY increase your engagement
– Learn advanced techniques. Link your page to your groups, use WordPress widgets, and conduct group stories
– Understand the core business concepts that drive the success of Facebook groups and make them so valuable and many more!


SuperGoodProduct Exclusive Bonus

Functional Fitness Pack

Included With Master Resell Rights

Discover How A Simple To Follow 15-Minutes Workout Can Help You Boost Your Health & Fitness Almost Instantly! Find Out How This Workout Will Give You Better Results And Benefit You Tremendously in Real Life Application! Introducing Functional Fitness – Training Methodology For Real Life Application.
Here are the things you will discover in this practical guide:
– The real reason why many people are demotivated to workout (and how this simple trick help you combat this problem)
– Why you should drop the weights & start working out with your bodyweights
– Aiming for the perfect 10/10 body? Here’s why you should drop that idea for now 
– Why morning working out will give you better results compared to other times in day
– Why a 15-minutes functional exercise is better than working out for 2 hours in the gym and many more!


SuperGoodProduct Exclusive Bonus

How To Become An Influencer Pack

Included With Master Resell Rights

Discover The Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming An Influencer In Your Industry So You Can Get Recognized, Build Your Tribe, And Get Paid For Endorsements! This Step-By-Step Guide Shows You How To Build Your Personal Brand, Choose a Niche, Select A Platform, Create Amazon Content, and More!

Introducing How To Become An Influencer.
How to Become an Influencer explains the psychology behind influencers and explains why people choose to attach themselves to the creators they respect. You’ll find a full, step-by-step program that will help you to build a powerful “personal brand” with a strong message that people respond to in a MASSIVE
way. You’ll learn to generate excellent content, and you’ll learn about the signals that sponsors and brands look for. 


SuperGoodProduct Exclusive Bonus

Instagram Marketing Secrets Pack

Included With Master Resell Rights

Discover How to Master Instagram to Reach a HUGE and Incredibly Engaged Audience! Crack the Instagram Code and Reach the Ideal Followers to Grow Your Business! Introducing Instagram Marketing Secrets Pack. Here’s what you’ll discover in this guide:
– How to sell the ‘value proposition’ of your business – that means understanding how an image can tell a thousand words and make people mad for your products and services
– How to create an Instagram strategy for a non ‘visual’ business product or service
– How to make an Instagram account grow 10x as rapidly using simple and easy tricks
– How to convert your loyal followers and most popular posts into sales
– How to grow a successful Instagram account without posting a single photo!
– How to use Instagram advertising and many more!


SuperGoodProduct Exclusive Bonus

Master Your Mind Pack

Included With Master Resell Rights

Create The Life of Your Dreams and Master Your Subconscious With These Proven Techniques for Personal Mastery! At Last – Everything You Need to Master Your Mind and Take Command of Your Life! Introducing Master Your Mind Pack. You will find the following topics in this ebook.

Followings are the details:
– You will understand the mind and its tendencies better, meaning you will understand yourself better.
– You can get a grip on your subconscious and how to program it for success.
– You will be shown the proven techniques used to develop mental strength.
– You will see the benefits of minimalism.
– You will discover things about the Law of Attraction that you never heard before.
– You will find out whether to use the Law of Attraction or Shadow Psychology to better yourself.
– The number #1 technique for mastery will be revealed.
– Understand how to use creativity and imagination to manifest a better life
and many more!


SuperGoodProduct Exclusive Bonus

Online Viral Marketing Secrets Pack

Included With Master Resell Rights

It Is About Time For You To Learn Online Viral Marketing Secrets!
. The essence of viral marketing is content. In other words, you have to get viral content, so you can pull a lot of traffic from many different places.
. Believe it or not, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms want you to succeed. The more popular your content becomes, the more traffic they get.
. Content goes viral all the time. There are a lot of reasons for this.

Introducing Online Viral Marketing Secrets – Learn How to Maximize Your Online Brand Visibility with Less Effort!


SuperGoodProduct Exclusive Bonus

Productivity For Procrastinators Pack

Included With Master Resell Rights

Unlock the Strategies on How to Increase Your Productivity While Working less and Build Better Habits to Achieve Your Goals! Finally! A Comprehensive Guide on Productivity for Procrastinators! Introducing Productivity For Procrastinators Pack. Here’s what you’ll discover inside this course:
– Discover powerful techniques for putting an end to your habit of procrastination.
– Learn how to plan and define your goals so that you can get more done in less time.
– Discover the number one way to create to-do lists so that you can improve your productivity dramatically.
– Learn how to eliminate distractions that keep you from getting more done in less time.
– Discover the secrets to saying ‘no’ so that you can improve your productivity and get more done and many more!


SuperGoodProduct Exclusive Bonus

Simple Social Media Content Video Series Pack

Included With Master Resell Rights

Finally, Learn How To Create Super Simple But Powerful Content For Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram… Starting Today! Announcing The Brand New, 9 Part, Step By Step Video Course. This specific training course was designed to help you watch over my shoulder, step-by-step, click by click, to ensure that you are able to successfully and effectively create simple content quick.

Here’s a short list of this 9-part video series in more detail:

Video #1 – Intro to Simple Social Content
As said earlier – There are all sorts of content marketing – but the goal here is to keep it simple
but with a powerful message that will attract and engage the right audience. We’ll also discuss what
you need to get started on this blueprint.

Video #2 – Analyze Your Audience
Before we jump in and show you how to create simple content marketing, it’s crucial to understand your
audience in a more granular viewpoint. In this video we are going to dive in to gaining a clear inside
of your audience. Don’t worry there’s going to be practical information on what to do step-by-step.

Video #3 – Similar Interests
Now that you have a better idea of what your audience likes and dislikes, it’s time to get a list of
other topics that your audience is interested in. This is very important because it gives you a more
well-rounded view what attracts your audience. This will allow you to branch out in terms of creating
more content, so you never get stuck.

And many more…


SuperGoodProduct Exclusive Bonus

The Climb Video Series Pack

Included With Master Resell Rights

There are 12 video parts in this pack!

Followings are the details:

Video : Introduction

Video #1 Set big goals

Video #2 Make real decision

Video #3 Consistency is key

Video #4 Nothing is impossible

Video #5 Be accountable

Video #6 Live in the moment

Video #7 Be adventurous

Video #8 Words of success

Video #9 Be a lifelong learner

Video #10 There’s no such things as failure

Video : Conclusion

This pack also comes with ebook!


SuperGoodProduct Exclusive Bonus

The Psychology Of Motivation Pack

Included With Master Resell Rights

Are you ready to get motivated on command today?

It’s About Time For You To Learn The Psychology Of Motivation!

– It’s easy to confuse our ultimate goals with our practical goals.

– You must have a crystal-clear idea of the outcomes and objectives you want for your life.

– You have to keep igniting your motivation and keep at it until it is self-sustainable.

Introducing : The Psychology Of Motivation Pack – How to Achieve Peak Performance on Command

Here’s Just A Quick Preview Of What You’ll Discover Inside :

– Focus on Practical Goals

– The Problem with States of Flow

– Stoking Motivation the Right Way

– The Five Pillars of Sustainable Motivation

– Focus on Your Purpose

– Focus on What You Stand to LoseTurn to Others When You Begin to Slow Down

– Mentally Standardize Your State of Flow and Call It Into Mind and many more!


SuperGoodProduct Exclusive Bonus

Web Traffic Excellence Video Series Pack

Included With Master Resell Rights

Are you struggling to drive quality traffic to your website? Have you got every other piece of the puzzle in place but you just can’t seem to find the final piece that is traffic? Well – you’re not alone and I’m here to help!

Introducing Web Traffic Excellence Video Series Pack – Traffic Excellence is a 5 part video course that I’ve put together to help new and experienced marketers generate huge array of traffic from 5 different sources. Followings are the details :


SuperGoodProduct Semi Exclusive Bonus



SuperGoodProduct Semi Exclusive Bonus

Social Pop

Included With White Label Rights

This Scarcity Software Can 10X Your Profits, Leads & Get You 300% More Traffic Using The Exact Strategy BIG COMPANIES use…
​Fully Hosted Software, One Click Add To Your Site.
​Increase Scarcity and Social Proof With Real Time Updates
​Works On Your Website, External Websites, Blogs And Ecommerce
​Bonus Pages, Product Sales Sites, Shopify Sites And More
​Integrates with all popular email marketing platforms.

SuperGoodProduct Semi Exclusive Bonus

Consulting In Minutes

Included With White Label Rights

Instant Local Consultant Professional Tools & Resources Package

Attention: 6 Figure Offline Consultant Releases His New Instant Offline Consulting System For Demolishing Your Competition Overnight And Making Upwards Of 6 Figures Per Local Contract!


SuperGoodProduct Semi Exclusive Bonus

50 High Quality Video Backgrounds

Included With White Label Rights

Creative, High Quality Background Motion Videos You Can Use In Your Marketing Videos. ​Full Rights To Use Each Of These Videos For Your Own Purposes – Use Them With Your Clients Or In Your Own Business. Scenes From Parks, Nature and In-House Scenes… Something For Every Occasion!

SuperGoodProduct Semi Exclusive Bonus

WP Cool Live Chat

Included With Resell Rights

WP Cool Live Chat is a WP plugin that will allow you to add an enticing, attractive live chat to your websites and blogs.

Brand New, Sizzling Hot WP Plugin Enables You To Add Conversion-Increasing Live Chats That Will Send Your Profits Through The Roof! The cool thing about this slick plugin is that you can customize it the way YOU want making the chat visually enticing and COOL in front of your visitor’s eyes.


SuperGoodProduct Semi Exclusive Bonus

Graphics Blackbox

267 Brand New And Original Graphics For Your Websites
​No more months of learning software and doing trial and error designs
​No more weeks or months of delay to your projects
​No more waiting time from busy in-demand graphic designers
​All graphics are web-ready and fully customizable
​You’ll be getting all the source files (PSD, PNG, JPG) for your convenience
​No more expensive cost with your graphics outsourcing 

SuperGoodProduct Semi Exclusive Bonus

WP Slideshow Master Plugin

Included With Reseller Rights

Master Plugin is a fantastic and VERY powerful plugin that allows you to instantly create eye-catching, conversion-increasing slideshows. This plugin allows you to create eye-catching, high impact flexible slideshows that will impress your visitors.

Slideshows are a very nice way to present lots of visual content to site visitors. But making them interactive allows visitors to participate with your content…

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