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What is WP Premium Vault?

WP Premium Vault is a collection of 150+ premium themes and plugins from the
most popular WordPress publishers in the world.

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5 WP Plugins

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WP Email Timer Plus WordPress Plugin allows you to create countdown timers even INSIDE your emails! Also, this plugin will help you to increase conversions, sales and also clickthrough rate inside your emails because the moment someone opens your email, they immediately see the timer ticking to zero and urging them to take action right away. Other than email, you will have the option to add the countdown timer to your blogs/websites as a widget.

WP Survey Creator WordPress Plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to incorporate a survey feature into your WordPress-powered website. With this plugin you can create surveys with different types of questions and control how it appears on the page. What’s more, you’ll have the ability to gather important results and statistics of the answers supplied by the respondents.

WP Video Focus WordPress Plugin is a plugin that allows you to clip your video and serves as a widget to any corner on your page.  This allows your videos to visibly continue playing when a user scrolls down a page, so they are still able to see the video and not only hear it.  This will help to keep your viewers engaged throughout your entire video while they are exploring the content/other parts of your page so you will never lose the engagement & attention of your viewers that often results in loss of leads and sales.  The plugin will also allow you to position your videos anywhere you want and customize it to make it relevant with your website/webpage design or branding.  There are MANY more amazing features such as countdown-timer, share button and animation/ effect that will help your page get sky-high conversions and engagement. 

WP Notification Bar is a WordPress plugin that enables you to create, design and display a notification bar on your site.  This plugin also offers a wide range of contents that you can display as well as the flexibility to design the elements according to your preferences.  At the same time, this notification bar generated along with the contents are designed to be responsive so that it is readily available to all users on any device.

WP Facebook Quiz Creator WordPress Plugin is used to create fun, entertaining FaceBook quizzes with just a few clicks of your mouse. With this plugin, you’re giving your visitors the chance to challenge themselves by solving quizzes that will keep them entertained (so this way they will spend more time in your site.)  Also, this plugin will help you to grow your traffic using a series of trivia quizzes with topics related to your business/website!

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Vidinci is a complete training program for the Davinci Resolve video software. Now Davinci Resolve software is a hidden gem when it comes to video editing, because the software is available for free and it is also a very powerful video software used by many hollywood studios.  This complete video training program will teach you how to get the software and how to get started using the software, although Davinci Resolve video software is very powerful but there is a huge learning curve to it. And this software will help you overcome that learning curve.

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Various WP Plugin

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