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What is Animate 360?

Animate 360 is the all in one high index multimedia repository for cutting edge high quality video
production that drives your engagement and sales up.

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Sweet Exclusive Bonuses from the team at!

SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 1

eLead Fusion Elite

This is the MOST powerful tool that combines unlimited opportunities for you to attract visitors, grab subscribers and eventually get money-paying customers that has the power to make REAL THINGS happen for your online success, like promoting ads, grabbing list, social networking and more.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 2


Need a software that gets you Instagram followers on autopilot? Then, This is the exact software our in house team customized for building up followers on our Instagram accounts. It helps put your Instagram account on autopilot, doing the liking and commenting activities for you round the clock, attracting followers to your account even when you are asleep. It’s a powerful tool, but do not use incorrectly else you could appear like a spammer.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 3

WP Easy eCom Marketplace Builder

How would you like the ability to build multi-seller or multi-vendor e-commerce solution with WordPress. You can start your own ebay or Etsy like marketplace sites in a matter of time. E-commerce with WordPress now made easy with this!


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 4

WP IG Story Display Box

This is a simple but yet a very cool wordpress plugin for automatically displaying Instagram stories on your websites or blog. Imagine how captivating to have all your stories displayed on your website i.e gives you more views and engagement on your website!


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 5

Pin Matrix Pro

Included With White Label Rights

Pin Matrix pro is an Fully Automated Adobe Air Software Automates Pinterest Tasks . Multiple image pining, Setting Delays and automating the pins on different niches boards to dive niches targeted traffic.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 6

LinkedIn Auto Post Machine

Included With White Label Rights

Are you tired and finding it difficult to carry out brand advertising campaign on linkedin for the post to linkedin every day. This simple and powerful Scripts will help you get closer to your goal. With just a few clicks you can create up for a promotion campaign on linkedin with many features available on the script will certainly give you a great experience.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 7

WP Botlocker

Everyday, 100s of hackers try to get into your site. They use BOTS to attack your wordpress sites and you need to be protected. This plugin blocks all bot attacks keeping you secure your hackers.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 8

WP Checkout Maximizer

A huge percentage of people add products to their carts but never checkout, its a big problem in ecommernce and this Plugin Will Help You To Dramatically Increase Your Sales Checkouts using its technology.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 9


Curates & monetizes videos on Autopilot so you always have fresh, high converting
and easy to rank content on your sites.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 10

Facebook Remarketing 3.0 HD VIDEO TRAINING

This Facebook Remarketing 3.0 HD VIDEO TRAINING Upgrade Pack Contains A Complete Collection Of High Definition Videos With Step By Step Contents.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 11

Fotoedita – Complete Photo Editing Website

1 minute install, no database required That’s right ! Just edit the configuration file, upload the files and your website is up and running Mobile & tablet friendly options allow you to force smartphone camera or not, making it perfect for a webview app Bundled with 77 filters From classic filters to photo editing, vintage and montage.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 12

SalesLetter Titans

Grab the most unique 100 sales letters targeting 100 of the most lucrative niches in the world! This package is so massive that we’ve broken them down into 10 components! 


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 13

Socipost – Your Own SaaS Social Marketing Website

Socipost is a SaaS that allow you to charge users to use this social media marketing tool that allows and helps users to easily auto post, schedule Instagram posts along with Facebook, Twitter and many more!. It also can manage multiple social networks, schedule posts, increase your Traffic and engage your audiences.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 14

FB Audience

Collects Targeted Audience From FB Groups, Pages to run FB Ads.
This is an advanced web application to scrape emails from Facebook (public data) Groups/Pages and Profiles and save in database. where you can then export to file or excel for marketing purposes. You can also subscribe to it as a service to collect as many emails as possible for marketing purposes.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 15

Digits – WordPress Mobile Number Signup and Login

Digits let your user signup on your website simply with their mobile number. No more checking emails. Just SMS In this fast world, no one has time to SignUp on your website using traditional email, because this is not the single step involved, user has to log into the email account – open email – click on the verification link to verify the email and then he/she gets access to the account on your website.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 16

ScroMatic- Scrolling Animation Builder Plugin

Helps you to easily react to the user’s current scroll position. 


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 17

Viral Site Builder

Build Site Like BuzzFeed In Minutes Generate Passive Income From Adsense, Taboola, CPA e.t.c


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 18

25 Proven Website Traffic Techniques

Discover 25 ways you can easily pull quality traffic to your website and learn how to optimize them.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 19

Google AdSense Matrix Training

Learn How to Make Money Online Through Google Adsense in a Simplified Principle!
Still wondering how to have a cool passive income online? You would be amazed to know a proven and tested system to easily and quickly boost your profits using Google Adsense? Let this video tutorial series take you by the hand and show you LIVE why Google AdSense is integral for your success!


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 20

WeePie Cookie Allow – Easy & Complete Cookie Consent

An easy, complete and flexible cookie law implementation plugin for WordPress which makes it possible to fully comply with the cookie law of any country. Choose your way of cookie consent. Comply with i.a. the EU, UK, Dutch and Italian cookie law.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 21

Fancy Product Designer

The most successful Product Designer finally available. Use Fancy Product Designer – jQuery Plugin to create and sell practically any kind of product you can think of.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 22

MailZ – Simple Disposable Temporary Email

MailZ is a simple PHP script for creating instantly temporary disposable emails.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 23

WP Staging Pro – Creating Staging Sites

Clone Your WordPress & Copy Staging Changes to Live Site. WP Staging Allows You to Work Safely on Your Website. Even huge websites are supported; Very simple to use.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 24

WordPress Auto Spinner – Articles Rewriter

WordPress auto spinner rewrites wordpress posts automatically to convert it to fresh new content by replacing words and phrases by it’s synonyms on auto pilot using it’s built in synonyms database or optionally using one of the best spinning services api.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 25


Included With White Label Rights

Alter the White Label WordPress plugin lets you customize most of the elements of WordPress admin dashboard or panel. Alter completely change the style of the WordPress admin panel to your desired color theme and alter most the wordpress elements.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 26

Fotoedita – Complete Photo Editing Website

1 minute install, no database required That’s right ! Just edit the configuration file, upload the files and your website is up and running Mobile & tablet friendly options allow you to force smartphone camera or not, making it perfect for a webview app Bundled with 77 filters From classic filters to photo editing, vintage and montage.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 27

LCRM SAAS – Run your own SAAS CRM

LCRM SAAS is a CRM software which you can run on your own server and offer it as a SAAS product for free or paid.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 28

Testimonials Showcase – WordPress Plugin

Testimonials Showcase is a plugin to display testimonials, reviews or quotes in multiple ways! Fully compatible with the brand new WordPress v4.9 and Visual Composer!


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 29

WP Online Contract – Create Online Contract For Your Businesses

WordPress Online Contract is the original plugin that allows you to create, manage, and save contracts online through WordPress. You can customize contracts using flat text files and short codes and view revisions of your existing contracts. Give your clients a way to view and sign your contracts online in one place.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 30

Traffic Machine

Auto Traffic Machine tool allows you to generate traffic on site by setting rules of clicking on links or buttons. User sets rules according to which a button or a link will be clicked next. The tool provides full browser emulation so all scripts (including analytics such as google analytics) will execute on pages. You can configure input flow and see the whole processing in real-time. Multi threading, proxies, waiting intervals configuration supported.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 31

WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder

Easily sell any customized services & products creating your own flat and responsive cost calculator or payment forms (even with subscription !) on your wordpress website . This unique plugin can be used to sell any type of service or products: applications, websites, graphics, seo, pets, lunar fragments or anything else.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 32

Sendroid Ultimate – SMS, WhatsApp & Voice Messaging Script

Sendroid Ultimate is a bulk SMS portal software and SMS reseller tool designed for bulk SMS service providers, SMS resellers and bulk SMS marketers. Sendroid Ultimate offers complete messaging solution including support for Text Messaging, Voice Messaging, WhatsApp Messaging, Unicode Messaging, Multi-media Messaging (MMS), Flash Messaging and 2-Way Messaging with SMS Chat.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 33

Autopilot Money Site – One Click Site Builder

Create and Manage Money Making website or you can even use it as your Personal Google RSS Reader with your favorite blog/rss feed collections. It is the only aggregator with all in one features and every day development.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 34

Facebook Traffic Blaster

Facebook Traffic Blaster is a promotion tool for Facebook groups, Fan pages and also on your Timeline! This script allows you to share your thought, images, videos, links and gather your Facebook traffic to your desired business area. In order to auto-posts on multiple facebook accounts easily and there are millions of users are saving their time anyone can use our script.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 35

InstaMarketer – Instagram Tool For Marketing

The ultimate way to help your marketing effectiveness on instagram today especially with video posting from your desktop! Using social media is a fun and sure way to get new friends, customers and fans. 


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 36

List Magic

Discover the exact formula for adding 1,000 brand new subscribers to your list in the next 30 days! If you want to build a new set of responsive email subscriber, then the video series inside will give you the whole details which will really help your business grow.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 37

WP Advert Plugin

This WordPress plugin offers 30 promotional toolbars packed into 1 simple user interface! Add an Eye Catching Bar to catch the attention of your visitors in your WordPress site using this Plugin.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 38

WP Profiteer

WP Profiteer is a handy WordPress plugin that captures lost profits on your blogs. It does this by redirecting the 404 Error Pages that your visitors encounter, to any URL you select, instantly. Your visitors will never even see the error page!


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 39

WP Sales Bar Plugin

This WordPress plugin gives you an eyeball-grabbing notification toolbar that will boost your conversions! Use this to promote affiliate offers, your own products or just direct traffic to squeeze pages and other landing pages of choice.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 40

Exit Profiter Software

Get your exit pop on any web page that you share! And make money from any
and every link you create. Imagine being able to drop your exit popper onto any web page, piggy-backing off their authority and leading the visitor to your squeeze page, product sales page,  affiliate link, CPA offer, TeeSpring store, Cafe Press store, Lulu store, or in fact any web page you like!


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 41

FB Ad Secrets

Grab this done for you Sales Funnel featuring Facebook Ad Secrets! A completely done for you sales kit in the red hot Facebook niche! You are in store for learning all about how to make Facebook a money-making machine for whatever types of products you are selling.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 42

Cash from Google Helpouts

Uncover the secrets to making real cash from home by helping people out using Google & amazing new program Google Helpouts! Find out the insider secrets to creating powerfully compelling Helpouts that will pull cash in over and over again!


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 43

Local Marketing Secrets

This 17-part video course will show you the simplest and fastest way to dive headfirst into local marketing to local businesses. It doesnt matter if you never built a website or landed a paying client in your life!


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 44

Facebook Timeline Cover

Stand from the Crowd on Facebook Using this Cool and Eye-Grabbing Timeline Cover!
Inside this package, you will immediately receive 15 timeline cover image and its screenshots on how it actually looks like in your facebook page.


SuperGoodProduct Mammoth Special Bonuses 45

Pin Matrix Pro

Included With White Label Rights

Pin Matrix pro is an Fully Automated Adobe Air Software Automates Pinterest Tasks . Multiple image pining, Setting Delays and automating the pins on different niches boards to dive niches targeted traffic.


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