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What is Appimize?

Appimize is the revolutionary PWA mobile app builder that allows you to create stunning PWA mobile
apps in the hottest niches with no prior experience needed, at all!

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Sweet Exclusive Bonuses from the team at!

SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses


Mobile Apps are the strongest way to market a new thing. You can spread awareness about a product or service using Mobile Apps like Facebook, Twitter etc. But, how to market a Mobile App? Confusing, right? Well, this Ebook is the Final Answer to all the confusions and doubts in your mind. It contains everything from Launching Strategies to Marketing Strategies for an app. After going through this book, hard tasks will become easy. It’s like having a roadmap to success with Mobile Apps!

SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses

GUIDE – Business Booster

What are the most crucial guidelines you should keep in mind before creating an App?
No idea, right? (Great! If you know that) So, you’ve a cheat sheet and a Mindmap… But, that’s not enough! That’s just a part of the picture. While this BONUS is the REAL GOLD. It contains all the guidelines to create a KILLER App that every user will LOVE! If you ask me, this is the GO-TO-GUY when it comes to building a Killer App.

SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses


After creating a Mobile App, all you need is people using it… But the question is; How do you do that? The answer is easier than you think and It’s probably not what you’re thinking right now. This Video reveals the strategies to drive targeted traffic to your App. You can use that Traffic to boost your business by increasing Customer Engagement… You can sell more with Little Effort!

SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses

VIDEO – An App Is Leads Generating Machine

An app is so far the best tool to generate HIGHLY RESPONSIVE and LASER-TARGETED LEADS… But you don’t know HOW? Mobile Apps have power to turn a Visitor into a lead without even letting the person realize that. How can you use that MAGICAL Power to generate 100% responsive leads? The answer lies in this Video that explains each and everything you need to know to use a MOBILE APP as a Leads Generating Machine.

SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses

VIDEO – Make BIG BUCKS Using Mobile Apps

So, you’ve created a Killer Mobile App, after following all the instructions from the above bonuses… What now? Now it’s time to make BIG BUCKS and convert all the effort into MONEY! This VIDEO explains how you can make the most out of a mobile app!

SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses


Price of an App varies from Niche to Niche, but there are a few things that should be kept into consideration before labeling a price to an app. For example, you can ask for a straight $1K for an App or $3K, but how do you get to know which app is worth $1K or $3K? Appimize makes building apps easy and this GUIDE will make pricing easier for you. This BONUS will tell you what exactly is the best suitable price for an app you just built.

And all the Additional Bonuses Below:

10 X DFY Outreach Emails

Exclusive set of tried and tested emails that would not only get local businesses attention, but also help you close them fast. Again, you want to have these while using Appimize.

Website Creation Graphics In a Box

Graphics not only define a brand but they also are of paramount importance when closing deals. Ametrue graphics can leave a bad taste in the mouths of your clients, turn them away and can be a total deal-breaker. Inside this box, you will find flyers, business cards, logos and a lot more to help you truly stand out from the competition.

Page 1 Rankings Blueprint

If you want to make the most of your marketing efforts, you have to upsell . Moreover, you should also aim to get as many recurring clients as possible because with recurring clients, you do not have to constantly chase newer leads every month . This is why I am sharing this exclusive guide that will teach you how to get ranked on page 1 of Google fast. This is an in-house blueprint that me and my team follow to rank our clients’ sites.

DFY SEO Graphics Pack

To market your backend SEO services, you would also need graphics for obvious reasons. But getting them designed would cost you your time as well as your money. But you don’t need to worry about any of that as with this ready-to-use pack, you would get all the necessary graphics and files to market your SEO services like a true professional.

DFY Copywriting Templates

If you really want to take your emails to the next level and literally force clients to reply to your emails as soon as they read your emails, you have to know the art of selling or in other words copywriting. Now the problem with copywriting is that you can not learn it in a day, it takes time and energy to master it. This is the exact reason I have more than 1 done-for-you templates that you can use and simply fill-in-the-blank to create landing pages, sales pages, headlines that catch attention like crazy as well as craft highly-persuasive emails that work like magic.

Reviews Booster Handout

Print marketing is considered as an “engagement goldmine”. That said, this is my best weapon whenever I have to increase the brand reputation of any local business. Simply print it out, charge your client and get ready to take your client’s business reputation to the moon. 

Agency Branding Kit

If you want to build a 6-figure agency, you first need to act like a 6-figure agency and that starts with awesome branding that would make your agency stand out in the crowd. This is why I am including a very comprehensive agency starting kit that literally has everything to make your agency look like a successful 6-figures agency. From business cards and logos to all the way to goodies bag, envelope, brochures, calendars as well as CD labels, you would be able to completely overhaul your agency’s branding or lay the foundation of an agency that oozes authority and professionalism. 

On-Demand Offline Blueprint  

This guide reveals to you one of the most unique ways to profit as an offline consultant. You would be offering a totally unique service to local businesses who would be more than willing to pay you for your services. And that is because it is a win-win for both. Local businesses need more customers while you want to make more. This blueprint helps you do that exactly.

Pixel Talk

Pixel Talk is a Node JS Web Application that works seamlessly even on a poor internet connection. Pixel Talk omnichannel structure allows you to receive all your clients’ communications in one Agent App, keeping you organized. Pixel talk is user-friendly, supports real-time chat, and sorts chat by new messages. The most important feature of the app is that you can add the customers project-wise.


InboxGun is an Email Builder Web Application. Create professional emails easily and quickly without any Coding skills. It’s an effortless, beautiful, and collaborative mail app, with more powerful unified interface experience packaged in an intuitive and easy-to-use design, InboxGun provides a top-notch email service for all your email accounts.

NodeJS Contact Form

Contact Form with Sequelize is a script which Submits a message without reloading the page and based on Node.JS, AJAX contact form, JQuery. NodeJS offers auto-response email, IP address detection, “CC me” feature, and graceful error handling. Outgoing emails are handled via Nodemailer’s SMTP.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes is an Online Notes Script which is created on the Node JS, that is helpful for keeping your notes, tasks, schedules, meetings, and other short notes. With Sticky Notes, you can add notes in different colors, support drag and drop notes, and hide notes. The design of the Sticky Notes is quite simple and easy to use which makes it a user-friendly app. There is no restriction as to add notes on your Sticky Notes, you can add unlimited notes on the Board.

WP Lead Capturing Pages

You can create nice, attractive, stunning landing pages, lead pages, and opt-in forms using WP Lead Capturing Pages. Make every page your own by dropping new elements where you want them. Text, images, buttons, and even widgets such as countdown timers all snap into place with ease. Can easily integrate any of the autoresponders with the lead page.

E-Academy Mobile Application With Admin

Learning is at your fingertips with the E-Academy Mobile Application with Admin Panel. E – Academy is a user-friendly app that is specially created for tuition classes, coachings, agencies, and other educational institutes. E – Academy brings ease and convenience with the conduction of the online classes, and provides you with the options to manage courses, provide online guidance, and conduct online tests, exams and provide results as well. It provides sufficient tools for students and teachers.

Doctor Listing Mobile Application With Admin

Have you struggled to find the doctors near me? Doctor Listing is an app which gives patients and doctors a platform to get connected on the web and mobile platform. Doctors can register into the app, and can add their specialty. The patient can register into the app and can locate the doctors depending on the categories, can see the contact information of a doctor, and have the option to add a doctor as a favourite.

Theme Portal Marketplace

Theme Portal Marketplace is a PHP script by which you can easily set up your own digital store. If you are looking to sell your WordPress Theme, Plugins, Scripts, or any Other Digital Content you can use this script and set up your store in minutes.

Home Delivery Mobile Application With Admin

Shop groceries online & get fresh food delivered directly to your door. Home Delivery is a PHP Script for your website that will help you to maintain the records of customers, wholesalers, items, and orders in a more systematic way. The dashboard of Home Delivery is user-friendly. It is in the form of a graph where you can record the number of orders received in a day. The graphical representation of the summary of orders makes it more manageable and easy.


Get food delivery right to your door from the largest selection of restaurants and amazing Perks with Foodiee. It is a restaurant-based Online Food Ordering System web script. Foodiee can be used in fine dining, cafe, bar, bistro, pizza, sushi, and any other person who needs to advance their administrations and offer their accomplishments on the web.

Exit Intent Popup

Exit Intent Pop-up is a plugin that allows you to easily create and manage popups on your WordPress website or blog. With this plugin, you can create a popup on any page and posts of the WordPress site. With exit intent, you can trigger pop-up forms based on user behavior. You can also add time triggers, scroll depth triggers, and page targeting to further customize your delivery.

Visual Composer Autoresponder Addon

With Visual Composer Autoresponder Addon, convert your visitors into subscribers with these beautifully designed opt-in forms which can be easily customized using your favourite visual composer. It is flexible as it lets you Add Visual Composer Elements like videos, images, maps, charts, image gallery, and much more within Autoresponder form along with Name, Email Custom Fields, and Submit Button.

WooCommerce Referral Scheme

Want to get rewarded! The referral scheme is a WordPress plugin and dependent on the WooCommerce plugin. A Referral scheme plugin generates a unique number assigned to your account. You can use this code to refer your friends and get rewarded! You can use these points to purchase any of the WooCommerce products and you will get discounted based on points.

Job Portal Mobile Application With Admin

Find jobs on Job Portal, the job search app built to help you every step of the way. Get access to millions of job postings, personalize your search, connect with employers and submit job applications—all from the Job Portal app. From search to apply, the Job Portal Web and Mobile Application helps you through the entire process of finding the job that’s right for you.

Caferia Mobile Application With Admin

Order food online with your Android smartphone or tablet. Caferia is a restaurant-based script that is awesomely developed in CodeIgniter and also an online website. Caferia can be used in fine dining, cafe, bar, bistro, pizza, sushi, and any other person who needs to advance their administrations. Try this magnificent appealing Caferia and give a solid presentation to your restaurant on the web.

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