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What is HostSquad?

HostSquad is the next-gen software that allows you to host unlimited websites and domains on
ultra-fast servers for life for an unbeatable one-time price!

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SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 1

Affiliate Lab

Affiliate Lab is a Powerful and yet simple to use PHP affiliate Management System for your new or existing website. Let affiliates sell your products, bring you traffic or even leads and reward them with a commission. More importantly, use Affiliate Pro to track it intelligently to keep your affiliates happy! 


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 2

Website Survey

Website Survey is a seo tool which will help you analyse your web page. This app provide a full information about links, meta tags of chosen domain. In addition you will see personal advices how to optimize your HTML.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 3

Store Locator Pro

The Store Locator Pro will be able to list nearby stores / outlets around your web visitors from nearest to the furthest distance away. Your customers will never be lost again getting to your stores / locations.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 4

Management Of Calendar Booking

Administrator can create a calendar for one or more services that are available for booking, with the option to set different timeframes for each day (Monday through Sunday) and all the other features you can find below. Customers will look at the calendar and will easily place reservations. Both customer and administrator will receive notification to their emails.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 5

Session Management

Most shared hosting providers use a shared temp folder for session storage, this opens a very large security hold for any sites that rely on the session being private as it allows anyone with access to the server to spy on your users sessions. For this reason most sites that use shared hosting resort to using custom session handling code, this is the functionality that this item provides along with a simple and easy to use admin area to view active sessions.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 6

Simple FTP

Simple FTP is a PHP class that makes life easy for PHP App Developers and System Admins. It is simple to configure via a central configuration file and simple to use via one line commands. It also builds on the current PHP FTP functionality by offering multiple file uploads in a single command. This super easy script handles the connection and authentication facets of FTP so you can focus on creating your business logic or running your admin scripts.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 7

File Management System

This is a simple file exchange portal which allows you to easily upload, share and manage your files for you, your users or your clients.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 8

PayPal Terminal

Quick & Easy payment terminal for your clients to pay for your services through paypal.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 9

Text-To-Image Converter

This tool to help you convert text to images. This technique can be effective at protecting your website against text-crawlers that look for email addresses, phone numbers and other details. 


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 10


Leverage Your Freelancing skill with your own Project Management Portal to manage Client’s Work. Just upload on HostSquad and your own Freelacing Project Management Portal is ready to serve your clients. If you provide any skill like Video Marketing, Coaching, Copywriting, web development, Marketing Service or any other then this is not to be missed. Quickly Access All the Project from a unified Dashboard, Create Task and track them live, Loaded with all the features like statistics , payment, project status, support tickets, activities, messaging, invoicing and many
more. PayPal, Stripe, 2 checkout, Authorize etc.. integration included. Using HostSquad & Freelancy, you never have to pay extra fee for providing your own services. Forget about Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer etc, start your own stunning freelancer platform!


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 11

CloudFlare Software

Major features in CloudFlare Software include:
Show real IP in your blog.
Block selected country to access your blog.
Whitelist IP to access your domain name.
Blcklist IP to access your domain name.
Purge entire cache for your domain name.
Purge single file URL for your domain name.
Check your domain name analytic.
Check your domain name latest visitor IP.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 12

Secure Captcha System

This helps you to stop spam by asking the user to type a random generated Verification Code.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 13

Website Compressor

Compress your Sites!


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 14

Key Generation Software

Generate your custom keys online.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 15

Multi Uploader Images

SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 16

Image Server

Retrieve your images at any-size without the need to store Thumbnails and different size images of the same image.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 17

Visitor Heatmap On Your Websites

The Visitor Heatmap is for recording and visualizing user behaviour on your posts or pages. This is especially useful for acceptance testing, A/B tests and many more for your website.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 18

Visitor Stats for WordPress

Visitor Stats’ is a WordPress dashboard widget that allows you to monitor visitors to your website in real time. Easily ban IP addresses from accessing your website and redirect them to a URL of your choice. 


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 19

QR Code Software

Qr Code is type of Barcode that you use on your website. This type of barcode you can read by mobile phones like iphone or all with Android system, Inside you can insert some information like link ,text, email address, phone number ,contact information and more, this message we read by your phone. Normally you to create this you can use google chart but the syntax use terrible this class create link for you in easy way you pass only some information and you get correct link for google chart.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 20

Contact Us Form For Your Sites

Contact Us Form For Your Website form is bootstrap based contact form which can be easily integrated with HTML or PHP pages using just two files. All files has proper title according to their functionality. Perfect contact us form has jquery validation, two kind of mail functions php mail and smtp mail and also it is responsive.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 21

Email Tickets

A pack of over 900 animated video explainer as   


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 22

Captcha To Secure Your Websites

This helps you to stop spam by asking the user to type a random generated Verification Code. The secure Captcha Image is generated using the GD library of PHP. It generates an image with random characters of random colors. It is very easy to customize and to implement this script. The script includes a validation function you call to check if the Verification Code is the right one so you make your forms secure. This Captcha System is Secure, Secure and Easy to Use! It works with any PHP Script! This Captcha is the best way to avoid Spam on your website!


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 23

Twitter On Your Website Site

This script allows you to let your user login using their existing Twitter account to your site, with some simple code, you can allow a login to your site using Twitter.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 24

Thumbnail For Your Sites

A simple library that can create thumbnails from various file types, by use of ThumbnailProviders. Easily extendable with your own ThumbnailProviders. Out of the box it can create thumbnails from Text files and image files as well as watermarked images.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 25

Text To Image Software

“Humans Only” is a simple yet customisable tool to help you convert text to images. This technique can be effective at protecting your website against text-crawlers that look for email addresses, phone numbers and other details.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 26

Contact Form With Google Map

A contact page with jquery form validation, captcha verification , ajax to send email function, and a google map showing your desired location!


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 27

Email Spammer Software

Say “NO” a SPAM. This plug-in is filtering email address write by user in form.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 28

Secure Your Website

Secure Your Website is a PHP application designed to keep unwated traffic from your site. You can ban users by their IP, by IP ranges, by Operating System, By Browser, By country, UserAgent or Referer. You can also add an expiration date, a reason for the ban, or a path where the ban is active. Banned users are not able to see the
content of the site, however they will be able to send you a message, asking for their IP to get unbanned, this way, you still have way of communicating with banned users.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 29

Content Tagging System For Your Sites

Drag and drop tags onto any content on your site. A super simple interface lets you create a text tag and drag and drop it into anything on your site at all from Photo’s to articles to users! The tagger comes with its own installer, full documentation and working examples. Not to mention 4 ready to go themes and 6 animation types for
when you create a keyword or tag some content. 


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 30

Heatmap On Your Website Sites

Well nowadays, everybody can create heatmaps for his website! The Visitor Heatmap PHP class is a simple PHP class for recording and visualizing user behaviour on your posts or pages. This is especially useful for acceptance testing, A/B tests and many more for your website. You want to know how users react at specific features on your
posts or pages? By tracking mouse movement and clicks you can see what users might find interesting and furthermore decide how to optimize your content and design.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 31

Daily Content For Your Website Sites

Day Content is a no database required script to show a specific and unique content of the day such as: photo of the day, download of the day, quote of the day. The content is shown the entire day and you have control to program the content for the entire year and when a user requests the page according to their time zone they will be able to
see the content.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 32

Fan Of Your Website Sites

Facebook Page Fan Detection is a PHP class which helps to detect that whether a particular visitor is a fan of your page or not and accordingly display the contents to the fans and hide specific contents from the non-fans.  


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 33

Auto Text Rewriter

Automatic Text Rewriter is a lightweight, but powerful, synonym finding script. You input a sentence and it will replace all the words in the sentence with synonyms. It comes complete with a database of over 100,000 words and
a pre-built synonym-finding website ready to use. For more PHP savvy users, you can use a simple function to find dozens of synonyms for a word or sentence.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 34

Block Unwanted Ads To Your Sites

Force AdBlocker to stop can detect nasty ad blockers and display custom message to user.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 35

RSS Check Up

Make a check-up of your RSS feeds! With this script, you will easily determine the unnecessary RSS feed and so remove all URLs that no longer valid.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 36

SEO Url Finder

This tiny, lightweight PHP class helps you painlessly implement Search-Engine-Friendly URLs to your web application, service or blog, by allowing your URLs to be descriptive without losing functionality. Implementation is minimal, and you can add it to your own code in a couple of lines. 


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 37


Would you like to Make Quick & easiest Profit from the ClickBank Affiliate Program? Native Ads are the easiest way to get Quality Traffic to them and scale them quickly but How-to set up them exactly had been revealed in this guide. There are insider Tips that will blow your mind about how Smart Affiliates are making Profit from Native Ads.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 38

Real IP Checker Tool

SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 39

Domain Theme Maper

SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 40

Deals Aggregator

Build an Automated Deals website with Website Engine Deals Aggregator and Promote that using Power of Native Ads. It is a thin PHP Utility class that aggregates online social shopping deals from Groupon, Living Social, Crowd Savings, and Tippr by tapping into the BuyDeals National deals database platform. Features Include:
1. Search for Deals by city, state, zip/postal code, and latitude/longitude.
2. Aggregates deals from Groupon, Living Social, Crowd Savings, and Tippr and returns it as a common set of results.
3. Detailed Deal information including links, images, owners, price, discount, and copy description.
4. Returns aggregated deals in JSON, XML, or PHP Object formats.
5. Fast deal fetching response times.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 41

Bee Stats – Real Time Stat For Your Site!

Stat is a lovely little widget on your site, that shows realtime visitors in a nice Bee-Honey Image. It’s very easy customizable and is build to easily integrate to your site.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 42

Pricing Tables – WP Pricing Table Builder

The BEST plugin to create create unlimited pricing tables in your WordPress website ! Pricing Table is a feature rich WordPress pricing table plugin with an intuitive interface. It offers 35 predefined templates and limitless options. With this easy-to-use plugin, even non-coder can design a stunning pricing table in no time. The tool
allows you to create unlimited pricing table with unlimited row and column addition. Besides, you can define column border radius, column space, column width, configure ribbon for each column and much more. 


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 43

Animation for WordPress Editor

Add and manage animated images using the WordPress plugin for WordPress Editor (aka Gutenberg). The plugin is perfect for features demonstrating of your project, showing different processes, call to action, or just for fun. Such animations make your site more attractive and increase the conversion and engagement of your customers.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 44

Royal Quotes – WordPress Testimonials

Provides unlimited testimonials in a Grid layout with more than 20 000 display combinations, including style, position and hover animations. Using CSS3 animations, it is compatible with all major browsers and offers responsive display to ensure the best performance on any devices. Trust is the essential part of the successful
website, Royal Quotes helps you to increase the quality of your service with a modest and attention grabber manner.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 45

Follow My Blog Post

Allows your visitors to follow changes on your site for a particular post, page, category, tags, authors etc. Visitors can opt to follow the post, page, category, tags, authors etc with or without creating a user account. Visitors can unfollow any post, page, category, tags, authors etc at any time using a link from email or from
website via unfollow button.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 46

AI For WordPress

Artificial Intelligence is now on your WordPress website! Get to know your visitors and suggest the posts which they want to read. In this way, you can increase your Google rankings and reduce the bounce rate. Keep up with the future!


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 47

PayPal Paywall & Content Subscriptions System

Quick and easy way to boost your revenue. Restrict access to your premium content and monetize it via paid subscriptions. PayPal Paywall gives you ability to reach customers from all over the world with payment methods that have been used globally Paypal. You can use Paywall Paypal with your favorite themes.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 48

Pixa – Import Free Stock Images

Access to over 1.6 million photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and videos – for free. Your Source for the Best high-quality Images on the Internet! Search and Import Free High-Quality Images from Pixabay straight into your
WordPress Dashboard!


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 49

Website Improvement Tool

SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 50

Website Engine Email Creator

SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 51

Cookie Compliance Tool

SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 52

SEO & Backlink Checker

SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 53

Website Protector

Website Protector will help you to save your Google Website account from unusual invalid click activities and click bombings. As per the Google Website terms, Google doesn’t take any responsibility towards these invalid click activities or click bombings and always point the finger towards the Website publisher, giving him/her all the blames. Now it is time to end this problem, once and for all.  


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 54

Amazon Booster

Still manually searching products and pasting affiliate links in posts? What happens if the products get outdated? With this special Booster, you do not have to worry about it nor trouble to do such repetitive tasks. Just pick categories which suit your site and it will automatically display the links of decent products just coming out from Amazon today.


SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 55

Website CTR Boosting Theme

If you have even wanted to earn more money from ads on your website, Ad-Sense theme is the one you should get. It is the most ad friendly theme in the market and comes with features like better ad management, ad placement, ad blocker detection and content locking for ad block users. Simply put, this theme helps show ads to users who don’t want to see the ads.

SuperGoodProduct Special Bonuses 56

Instant Blog Publisher (Create Instant Facebook Articles & Simple Google AMP Blogs)

Instant Publisher is a multi-purpose blog & magazine app which you can use to easily create Facebook Instant Articles & Google AMP pages. Instant Publisher has clean, responsive and user-friendly design. You are able to manage your posts, categories, users and settings with its powerful Admin panel. Dynamic form for creating posts.
Ad management ready you can easily add ads to your posts. It is secured, seo optimized, fast and simple to use.

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